Books by Dr. Roger Maslin

Manual on the Millennium

Manual on the Millennium is an examination of the viewpoints concerning the nature of the millennium and how they relate to the associated end-time events. The author argues for his own personal viewpoint, as well as with the problems inherent in interpreting those events that are so popular with the dispensational pre-millennialist views.

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Dealing with the Difficult pursues the truth found in understanding difficult Scripture texts, doctrines, and eschatology.

Some sayings of Jesus are often misunderstood or taken out of context. Dr. Maslin brings clarification to these and other difficult Scripture passages, such as those regarding “falling away,” “being accursed from Christ,” or “succession and perpetuity.” A closer look at difficult doctrines, including grace, free will, speaking in tongues, and others, will help Bible students in their pursuit of truth and practice of biblical doctrine.

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Think on These Things Cover Photo

The subtitle, “Truth Does Matter!” to Dr. Maslin’s book, Think on These Things, says it all. Dr. Maslin has drawn on his 40 years as a pastor to guide him in selecting practical and spiritual topics to which he applies the truth of God’s Word. He draws upon both classical and contemporary authors for illustrations and insight. His research ranges from Bible commentaries to websites and scholarly books. He draws it all together in light of the Scriptures. For those who wish to think deeply on important topics, reading Think on These Things by Dr. Maslin is a good place to begin.  ~ Dr. H. Hershel Adams, Retired Pastor and Director of Missions

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