A Collection of Biblical Sermons

I have put into E-book form several collections of my sermons.  These can be read as inspirational devotions by the individual but my hope and purpose for sharing them is to provide solid resources to aid pastors in crafting their sermons.

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Feed the Flock - A Collection of Sermons

Feed the Flock features a series of sermons on happiness. Other sermons deal with the Christian life, different kinds of sin, and sins against the Holy Spirit, as well as evangelistic sermons.

Fascination with Seven - A Collection of Sermons

Fascination with Seven is a collection of sermons concentrating on the biblical record emphasizing the number seven. Of special interest are Seven Things God Hates, Seven Petitions in the Lord’s Prayer, Seven Sayings From the Cross, and Seven Parts of the Christian’s Armor.

Preach the Word - A Collection of Sermons

Preach the Word is a collection of sermons from scripture texts and passages. They include special day sermons as well as messages on evangelism, doctrine, Christian living, and commitment.